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The Effectiveness of Interview Follow-up Letters

March 24, 2006

Most of us know the importance of the preparation before an interview. Few of us, however, may just wait for the results after that. But in fact we can do more than just wait. Look at the article on the effectiveness of interview follow-up letters. Check the following link for

Chinese Joke

March 24, 2006

Our world is changing. Most needs to be more scientific at what we are doing, even a prostitute. Look at the following article on how an outstanding prostitute applies knowledge of MBA in her work to be rich.


Outstanding Researcher in Invariants and Lie Groups

March 24, 2006

Mireille Boutin , a professor at ECE of Purdue University. She is very good at invariants, Lie groups and their applications in (3D) shape representation. I have got her dissertation and will read it recently. Her personal website has a lot of good stuffs there:

A good article about Modern China

March 24, 2006

(Continue only if you know Chinese). Here is a very good article which provides excellent analysis on two huge changes of modern China. It also provides five methods to deal with these changes. I really enjoy it. Hope you too.

Use Images in WordPress

March 19, 2006

It is always good to present nice pictures in web pages. A picture means more than one thousand words. Please check for details on how to use images in wordpress.

Online Newspaper Blog

March 18, 2006

Please check this online newspaper blog: It is a new kind of media, and I believe it is a very good website to learn what is happening right now. Furthermore, you can learn what other people are interested in.

News: Blog mirror at

March 17, 2006

For those of you who know Chinese, you are very welcome to the mirror website I believe you will find a lot of good stuff there, of course, many good friends.

News: Commercialization of Hacking Activities

March 17, 2006

Can you imagine that your financial information may be stolen by some hacking software, be sent to an organized website and be data-mined there just by one of your clicks? Yes. It can, and it is unbelievably easy, without any requirement of professional knowledge. In fact, it is believed that some sophisticated sofewares are developed by groups, rather than individuals. Furthermore, these softwares are ready for sale or rent. It astonished me when I read the news named “Hack made easy” from Washington Post. Please read the news for more information from the following link:

Research: Any ideas with an Image Database based on MySQL

March 17, 2006


I am trying to build an image database based on MySQL, so that I may try some methods in content based image retrieval. I believe it would be good to use web browser as its interface. Does anyone have some suggestions? Thanks.

Welcome from Yongsheng Pan

March 17, 2006

Hello, everyone,

Welcome to the Image Processing Forum. This is Yongsheng Pan, a phd student from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Tennessee. I am very interested in image processing. I hope you can join this forum and discuss some topics in image processing, computer vision, computer graphics and other related areas. Thanks.